quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

School Objects ( objetos escolares)

maquete = mock-up.

Dear, congratulations! I love you! You are fantastic!
 Your teacher:

1. Read what the children say about their school. Then draw the smiley according to how they feel
about it.
a) “My school is nice, but we don’t have a library.”

b) “I am very happy in my school. I have lots of friends and the
teachers are fantastic!”

c) “Well, in my school there isn’t a computer room or a library.
The sports gym is small in my opinion, so it is not very nice.”

d) “My mother says my school is the best, but I don’t have many
friends. The teachers are very good, though, and I like to study
very much.”

e) “My school is cool, really cool. We have a big library, a new
sports gym and modern laboratories. It is the best!”

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